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Spirit Walk (or a more formal title, Sluggish Morss: Dark Side of the Moon) is a psychological survival horror RPG inspired by Sluggish Morss (and other games by Jack-King Spooner), Earthbound, S1E2 of Family Guy, and various other trippy games. You play in a fictional part of Kansas as a red-shirted, blank slate of a young man named Greg who looses his brother in 1998 after he goes on a 'Vision Quest', a native american legend and a variation of the name 'Spirit Walk'. Shortly after his disappearance, an anomalous virus starts turning the majority of the city into zombie-like-beings. The ultimate goal is to find your brother in the year 2002, where the government has isolated and erased the city from the rest of the world and the populous of the city have all gone almost completely insane. Along the way, you'll have all sorts of wacky misadventures ranging from goofy to completely messed up. Who knows, you might meet some interesting characters along the way. Can you find your brother before your sanity snaps like a fucking twig?

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Spirit-Walk-v0.0.07.zip 136 MB
Spirit-Walk-v0.0.06.zip 503 MB
Spirit_Walk_v0.0.05.zip 405 MB
Spirit-Walk-v0.0.01.zip 280 MB

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