A downloadable mod for Windows


A while ago I found out about this group of people on Youtube called Games Repainted that took graphics from old nintendo gamecube/wii games and turned them into memes and other inside jokes; some of their best examples being Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, as played by Vinny from vinesauce. After seeing some of the magical work done by these people, I took it in to my own hands to make a modded version of a game - inspired by many memes and events from my Youtube channel - that could be easy enough to mod in a short amount of time. I chose SCP Containment Breach, as the textures and SFX are super easy to access and change around to whatever extent, and is a simple and stable enough engine/game concept to hold up whatever is dumped into it.  I made this mod for one specific man, that man being made of cheese for some reason. (Idk he must have brain damage or something, how do you even come up with a name like...) 

CheeseMan, I made this for you. The simplicity of the engine/game play should suit you well, seeing as how you play mostly OG half-life and Postal and other sjit, even though you mostly play them because your computer is a toaster, but I feel you man. Hope you have fun.


You shouldn't need to do anything, just run the custom shortcut next to the game's data folder and you should be good. I will make other mods in the actual method of  Games Repainted which require's dump files, but this is just to get a feel for what to expect for a repaint.

Fuck you CheeseMan!

If you liked this repaint but are tired of memes, check out an actual game I made with some surreal sci-fi elements.


cheesemans homework dont open mom.zip 233 MB
new homework folder domt delete mom.zip 232 MB

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